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White kittens for sale

If you decide to buy white kittens for sale from a breeder, it is necessary that you know that these cats are properly taken care of. As experts, we advise that you observe whether kittens are alert and engaged with bright eyes or not. They need to be highly sociable and have not been separated from their mothers till they are 8-9 weeks old.

Another option that people opt for is adopting a kitten. It is because adopting a kitten is rewarding for you and your new pet. At Kitten Cat Mart, you are assured of getting healthy, vaccinated, wormed, neutered, and microchipped kittens.

Buying a Kitten From Us

If you want a pure breed white kitten, then we are the best choice. We assure you that we do not breed cats that are unfamiliar to us. All the kittens we possess are sociable and alert, with bright eyes and no health issues. They stay with their mother until they are around 8-9 weeks old. Otherwise, it can lead to several behavioral issues.

Use the Kitten Checklist

Further, you can use a checklist when you meet the seller as it helps you in getting a right, healthy and friendly kitten.

This checklist has been devised carefully that will help you in getting all the relevant information you need before you make a buying decision. This can include knowing common signs of illness, bad health, the kitten's behavior, and how comfortable the kitten feels around people.

Additionally, some details should be collected before you even consider visiting the kitten. You can even use the checklist as a guide about the questions that you can ask. We will be happy to answer all of the questions that you have in mind. Some of the common questions that the buyers ask from us are:

1 - When was the kitten born?

2 - Was the kitten raised with its mother?

3 - Is the kitten friendly?

4 - Is the kitten healthy?

5 - Where was the kitten born? Where did the kitten spend most of its time during 1-9 weeks?

Also, it is always best that you can visit the place where kittens are bred and meet their mother. The following questions will help you to look out for the right kitten, such as:

1 - Can you see the kitten with his/her mother?

2 - Is the mother healthy and friendly?

3 - Is the kitten environment clean?

4 - Does the kitten look healthy?

5 - Was the kitten friendly, nervous, or fearful?

When You Adopt a Kitten

We always advise our clients to consider adopting a cat before buying a kitten from a specific breeder. You will feel peace of mind that you have rehomed a pet and give them a second chance to live their life to the fullest again.

If you decide to adopt a kitten from us, you can be sure that they are ready to live in a new home and are happy and healthy.

1. Wormed

2. Vaccinated, where appropriate

3. Microchipped

4. Provide all the advice you need

5. Neutered, where necessary

Kittens for Sale

If you are going to own a cat for the first time, then you have come to the right place, as we provide a wide variety of kittens for sale here. You can choose as per your preference in breed, gender, coat color, and pattern.

Moreover, the kittens we possess are young as 1-9 weeks old. Research has shown that kittens as young as these are easier to take care of as they have a safe surrounding and are provided with the proper healthy food, and they are trained to use the litter box.

Further, we possess a number of male and female kittens available for sale. While some cat lovers prefer to buy male kittens as they are highly affectionate, others need female kittens because a female one can easily accommodate in a smaller home space. You need not fear about your area on account that a female kitten feels secure living in a smaller home range.