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Maine coon kittens

There are thousands of Maine Coon kittens available for sale, and it is not that difficult to find a local seller. You select a kitten that you fall in love with at first sight and then spend your hard-earned money.

However, buying this breed is a serious financial decision, so you need to be cautious and make sure that you get it right the first time. You need to invest a considerable amount of time in finding a suitable registered cat breeder. Otherwise, you get to pay large ongoing vet bills that you don't have the budget for.

Moreover, the safest and wisest way to buy a Maine Coon kitten is from Kitten Cat Mart. We assure you that our kittens are free of all medical issues that the breed is susceptible to and have given the required medical vaccinations. Our specialists also guide the owners on how to take care of their cats in a proper way.

Benefits Of Buying From Registered Maine Coon Breeders

The Maine Coon cat is the oldest natural cat breed in North America.

It is one of the oldest and natural breeds of cats in North America. There are many attributes of the Maine Coon cat that makes individuals fall in love with it. This breed has a beautiful look, sturdy nature, smooth and stunning fur, big long bushy tail, gentle temperament, affectionate, and energetic behavior.

Due to all these factors, Maine Coon cats have become a popular breed to own. In fact, in the United States, this breed is known as the third most popular breed to own.

With their increase in popularity and demand, it would not surprise you to know that many fly by night Maine Coon breeders have swamped the marketplace.

Such breeders try to make a quick buck from less savvy buyers and vanish once a customer makes any complaints. They are not registered, and their main aim is to produce as many kittens as they can so they can sell them and make huge money.

This has also led the kittens to face many genetic defects, incorrect pedigree paperwork, mixed bloodlines, and does not receive any proper vaccinations.

It is, therefore, essential to buy your kitten from a registered breeder because the likelihood of getting a purebred pedigree kitten that is healthy and fit becomes high.

Why Should You Buy From Kitten Cat Mart?

Cat lovers

We are passionate about cats and give utmost care to them. This makes us reliable and trustworthy.

Wide Knowledge

We possess profound knowledge about the Maine Coon cat breed. We love the breed, so we are happy to provide advice on how to take care of this specific cat breed.

Meet The Sellers

We allow our buyers to get in touch with the seller directly. In this way, you get detailed advice concerning the personality traits and characteristics of the kitten's parents.

Legitimate Pedigree Paperwork

If you purchase from registered Maine Coon breeders, you have peace of mind that the kitten's pedigree paperwork work is legitimate.

Genetic Defects

At Kitten Cart Mart, you are assured of getting kittens that are not suffering from any genetic defects. This is due to the fact we screen our breeding cats for health issues normally related to the breed i.e., hip dysplasia.

Vaccination History

We always make certain that our Maine Coon kittens vaccination records are up to date. We never sell unvaccinated kittens.

Standard Of Care

In case you decide to buy from us, you can rest assured that the kitten has been taken care of properly. We care passionately for the cat breed and in no way mistreat our kittens or cats.

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