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Golden British Shorthair

Kitten Cat Mart is a registered cattery based in Miami and offers a list of breeders that specializes in breeding Golden British Shorthair.

Our main goal is to help you in finding the right member for your family. This is why we make sure that all British Shorthair cats and kittens are social. Between 2 weeks and 7 weeks of age, socializing is critically important. Cats handled properly during this time period are prepared. And when they get older, they stay on someone's lap longer and approach people more readily.

We firmly believe in this and also suggest our breeders give proper care from the day they are born. These kittens will prove to be full of joy the minute they get comfortable and adjusted to your home. Also, a significant amount of research needs to be done to find the right and perfect member of the family.

Brief Information About British Shorthair Breed

This form of the breed is very friendly and affectionate. They love attention and appreciate it without becoming a nuisance. They not only crave but enjoy the attention, and they do this in an undemanding way. This is something that most people appreciate a great deal.

British Shorthair males, most of the time, act as if they are the boss in the family and demand to be treated with respect. On the other hand, they are also not very active cats. However, once in a while, they love to act like kittens and play and run around.

Further, the males are big and strong cats. They make the perfect companion for individuals living in apartments or houses. It is because they are not destructive no matter what. You can keep as many plants as you like, and this won't cause a decrease in them because of their activity. When we talk about the British Shorthair females, they are truly are British ladies, and although they like to get attention from their family members, the proper form and etiquette is a must for them.

In addition, they are responsible and caring mothers. They won't face any difficulties while giving birth. And also find time to cuddle with the owners at the same time taking care of them. They also prefer the whole family to help with raising the kittens.

Which One To Choose- Male Or Female?

Deciding between a male and a female is not a simple job, as both of them make wonderful companions. Differences in personality are in general attributable. It is due to the fact that they have something unique about them, in preference to male vs. female differences.

Although the breed standard for both TICA and CFA was written for a male – males usually are extra characteristic of the breed. They are about 1.5 times bigger than females and have fuller jowls. Nonetheless, size is not the only aspect of this breed, and it's a combination of many one-of-a-kind features that make a show cat. There is a famous saying about the breeders that they always say to one another, and that is there is no perfect cat. The reality is that the breeders need to continuously make an effort to work on improving the breed in an attempt to raise the best kitten. Breeding is a work in progress, and we are thrilled to a list of the best cat breeders in town.


So if you are interested in getting a British Shorthair kitten or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information, you can fill in our contact form or send us an email at info@kittencatmart.com. Visit our website now and browse the categories we are offering for sale and adoption.