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Cattery Near Me

Kitten Cat Mart cattery is based in Miami, FL, and has an enclosed cattery which means we don't use cats from other catteries for animal breeding. We treat each cat as if they are our own and feel pride in providing premium service. Every cat that we possess is very special to us and all well taken care of. We are committed to their health, happiness, and well-being till they are in our care. So if you are looking for a reliable cattery near me, we are the best choice.

Without any doubt, cats need more than just a place to stay; they also need people who can love them. Here at Kitten Cat Mart, we assure you that we give our cats all the attention they deserve. When you buy or adopt cats from us, you have great peace of mind that our cats have been taken care of in a safe, secure and relaxed environment with caring professionals who will cater to their needs.

Moreover, you will be happy to know that we provide spaciously insulated and thermostatically controlled heated areas. They are specifically designed to meet the cat's needs. We apprehend that cats like having a quiet and secure area to hide and sleep and also being able to jump up and down to different levels. We not only provide them a clean environment and healthy food but also give them time to provide pampering, grooming, stroking, and lots of hugs.

Why We Are The Best Cattery?

Professionals take care of the cats

The staff we possess show a genuine interest in the cat care and feed and will also provide guidance in how much attention your cat should get.

Healthy and happy cats

One of the best ways to see whether a company is reliable or not is to take a look at the available cats. Do they look happy? Do they possess things that keep them stimulated, such as scratching posts or a good view? We feel proud to say that we meet all of these important aspects.

Safe and secure

Every cat that we keep on our premises is secured with double doors and has a safe passage to run the entire length of the units freely. You might have heard the news about cats managing to escape from the poorly organized catteries; however, we assure you that you are not one of them.

Separate living quarters

We never mix our cats in our cattery. This is because they can get into fights, and disease can spread easily. Our cats are kept separately from other ones as we have separate units for them.

They are given access to daylight and fresh air as it is important for their health. We provide our cats and ample space to play and run and again separated by full-height solid barriers. This prevents the cats from breathing shared air which can most likely spread infection.

Nice surroundings

At Kitten Cat Mart, we offer our cats with nice and clean environment. This also includes clean surfaces, litter trays, feeding bowls.

Cats are Given Proper Vaccination

It is a legal requirement that the cats are vaccinated against diseases such as cat flu and other infections. Our vaccine covers every type of disease. They are given two injections which are mostly three to four weeks apart. Apart from that, they require one annual booster. It is essential to keep the cat's injections up-to-date and possess a valid record of vaccination. In this way, you will be satisfied when you buy from us.

Get In Touch With Us

For more information, you can fill in our contact form or send us an email at info@kittencatmart.com. Our customer support team will provide you with a prompt response. Further, you can also find all the necessary contact details of sellers as well, so you can contact them directly and inquire about the cat.