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Nowadays, you can easily find a list of kitten breeders when you search on the internet. However, it is not easy to find a responsible, reliable and knowledgeable cat breeder as it requires a little thorough research.

Research has shown that over 50% of the kittens that are raised in the U.S are raised by those individuals who do not possess another litter. A trustworthy breeder only sells the cats to private individuals who can give them a forever home. 

How Do You Identify a Responsible Cat Breeding Shop?

When you get in touch with Kitten Cat Mart, one of the responsible and legitimate shops, you are sure to get happy and healthy kittens. Our breeders are carefully selected for their reliability and their ability to produce genetically sound kittens.

Provide a Written Contract

We provide our valuable clients with a written contract that states the kitten health guarantee, their responsibility and your responsibility as a kitten owner. This contract protects you and the breeder, and most importantly, the kitten. It is the obligation of a good breeder to know that you can raise the kitten in a good environment and can provide a permanent home for their entire lifetime. 

Let Sellers And Buyers Meet

Kitten Cat Mart allows the buyer to meet the seller and their cats. We will be pleased and arrange a suitable time for you to meet them. We have been in this industry for several years and has shown and bred cats of different kinds. This shows that we are passionate about what we do.

Moreover, you get the opportunity to talk to the sellers. We also offer door to door delivery across the United States. 

Provide a written and printed pedigree

We have our cats examined at least one time by a professional veterinarian before they go to their new home. Further, you will be informed about the ancestry of the kitten. And also provide a written and printed pedigree that would reflect a minimum of four generations. 

Moreover, we have breeds of several different types of cats and available in various colors. The environment for the kitten we provide is clean, with ample room to play. On our website, you see a clear image of the specific cat along with the relevant information. 

We never separate kittens prematurely from their mother and littermates. They remain with their mothers for at least 12 weeks of age or, if required, even more than that.

Provide Proper Guidance

Also, if you need guidance, we will be there to help and advise you throughout the life of the kitten. The responsibility of a cat is something serious and should not be taken lightly. The prevention of over-breeding and haphazard breeding is the responsibility of the person who is selling the kitten.

We also advise our customers to prepare a proper area at their homes before they take the kitten to their home. Also, our specialists will give thorough instructions on the feeding and care of the kitten, pedigree, supply of food, and a full record of vaccinations. We also offer our valuable clients proper registration paperwork at the time it is delivered at your place. 

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Now that you have knowledge of what a good breeder is, we realize that and will help you in finding a perfect companion that meets your requirements. Also, keep in mind, we are always available to help and answer all of your questions. So don’t wait and get a companion who will love to cuddle with you. 

The prices we offer on our cats are affordable and will be within your budget. You can easily find a suitable cat that will fall within your budget. 

Get started by registering with Kitten Cat Mart and browsing our various breed categories. Once you have found a kitten or cat that suits you, contact the cattery, breeder, or rescue via email or phone number to schedule a visit or to simply discuss your next steps. We at Kitten Cat Mart believe you will have the easiest experience in finding your new fur-ever friend. It will be the one that will give you a reason to smile every day.