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British shorthair kittens

We are a cattery based in Miami, FL, and we breed British shorthair kittens of silver and golden color coats with green and blue eyes. Moreover, we are highly dedicated and give a lot of love and passion. Kitten Cat Mart is registered, and our cats are pure breeds. We consider kittens are part of our family, and we take a lot of care of them.

Some Information About the British Shorthair

In comparison to most shorthair breeds, British shorthairs are normally calm cats when they mature. They are easygoing in nature, very affectionate, and they easily get attached to the people they own. Also, British shorthairs are easy to train and are very adaptable. 

They get along well with other individuals residing in the place, regardless of age. However, they don't like to be carried. British shorthairs are not active and energetic ones and can be clumsy at times. 

Moreover, these cats are robust, thick-coated, purring, teddy bear cats with big round eyes. Another aspect that attracts the individual attention to the British shorthair is their size. Despite the fact that they are not bigger like the Maine Coon, there. They are a slow maturing breed and do now not reach their full size until 3 years of age. 

Although most individuals consider them as being blue cats, they come in different colors and styles. Rember that no every blue cat is a British shorthair. It's still taken into consideration as one of the minority breeds.

British shorthair silver and gold coated color cats are without a doubt beautiful cats which impress buyers with their splendor, beauty, luxurious look, and exceptional manners. 

Typically breeders make kittens available between twelve and sixteen weeks of age. The professionals will agree that kittens first start bonding with individuals at the age of twelve weeks. after twelve weeks, kittens have had their necessary vaccinations, had been weaned, and have enough time to become well-adjusted. 

Several breeders require that they keep them safely indoors and that they be spayed/neutered. With the right care, these cats will live long, healthy, happy life, and bring joy and happiness to their family. 

Why Kitten Cat Mart?

At Kitten Cat Mart, we breed pure British shorthair silver and golden color coated cats, and we are always pleased to answer questions you can have. 

We are putting our maximum effort into our kittens to discover their new homes and responsible, loving, and trustworthy owners who will take care of them in the best possible way. We treat our kittens and cats with utmost care! Our kittens are raised in a friendly and clean environment. Also, they are loveable and affectionate.

We are assured that at Kitten Cat Mart, you will find a fluffy piece of happiness that you are looking for, and this little cutest creature turns out to be your best friend and will fill your life with happiness for years to come!

On our website, we feel the pride to provide cats of our cattery, kittens of current and former litters, and also will help you to pick out a kitten for yourself. We are also happy to share a lot of interesting and useful information with you. And we endeavor to provide all the answers to all the questions you may have about this sort of beautiful and noble breed of cats as British shorthair.

Further, if you are concern about the prices, we assure you that they are budget-friendly and won't put a strain on your pocket. No matter what budget you have, you can find the cat you love without worrying about anything. 

For more information, you can fill in our contact form or send us an email at 

info@kittencatmart.com. Moreover, you can also find all the necessary contact details of sellers as well. So you can contact them directly and inquire about the cat.