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Blue British Shorthair

Kitten Cat Mart specializes in Blue British Shorthair cattery, and we are fully registered. Our sellers provide some of the best US bloodlines and specialize in breeding this form of the breed. We are devoted to providing those kittens that are excellent in types and temperaments and assure to providing our valuable buyers the healthy and happy kittens. They are known to make affectionate and lifelong companions for cat lovers.


At Kitten Cat Mart, you will find healthy and happy British Shorthair kittens that make loving companions as well as best competitors at show rings. The sellers' list we offer is the ones who do not have enclosed cattery, meaning they will not use cats from other catteries for animal breeding and will not breed cats that are unfamiliar to them. So, this makes sure that the cats have a calm demeanor towards people and loyal to the family. 

Moreover, the British Shorthair cats prefer to cuddle and purr non-stop for several hours at a time. Since birth, these kittens enjoy love and undivided attention from every member of the family.

Further, the breeders across the USA take the task of breeding cats very seriously. They spent hours playing with them and teach them good habits. So, this helps in making the kitten quite social. Also, British cats are known to be great with kids. So, the cats that we offer are from reputable bloodlines and are personally bred by sellers themselves. They have all been vaccinated to keep them safe from various diseases.


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We can boast with confidence that we provide a list of sellers that are reliable and trustworthy. Also, along with the kitten image, it has contact details of the seller and necessary specifications. The specification includes a microchip, vet passport, vaccine record, delivery, health check, deworming, and a flea treatment. Also, they are put in separate enclosures of males and females, and this gives a lot of personal attention to them. Thus the kittens are highly socialized and ready to become a new part of the family.

Moreover, these cats bring a lot of joy to the family and reduce the stress that was accumulated throughout the day. These specific species of cats are bred to improve the shape, gene pool, and personality. The female cats usually have 1-2 litters per year. To make sure that you make the right investment, we can also refer you to a respectable British shorthair breeder near you.

Also, we feel happy to share a lot of useful and interesting information with the buyers. And we leave no stone unturned in clearing all your doubts and answering all the questions you have in mind about this type of beautiful and noble breed of cats.

What To Ask When Buying a New Kitten?

1 - What is your return policy in the case that I am unable to keep the cat?

2 - May I see the cat's health certificate? Was it provided by a vet?

3 - Is there documentation of the cat's vaccinations? May I see it?

4 - your cats being treated for fleas or worms at the moment?

5 - Is there a return policy or health guarantee included in your contracts?

6 - Is the cat litter box trained?

7 - What are the common health problems associated with this breed of cat?

8 - What kind of grooming does this cat breed require, and how often?

9 - Do you have any references from people who have previously adopted cats?

10 - Are you affiliated with any breeder associations?

11 - Has the cat been spayed or neutered?

12 - What kind of litter box and litter would be best for this cat?

13 - What kind of toys do you recommend for this breed of cat?

14 - Should I get a scratching post for my cat?

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Moreover, if you are concern about the prices that we offer, we assure you that they are budget-friendly. It won't exceed your budget limit and put a hole in your pocket. So no matter what budget you have, you can find the seller that is offering the price that you can afford without worrying about anything.

Also, for more details, you can fill in our contact form or send us an email at info@kittencatmart.com.